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With The Highest Safety Standards In...

Pilot Safety & Security

The latest guidelines and regulations that private pilots follow when operating an aircraft to always ensure the fulfillment of safety standards for the pilot, the flight crew, and passengers


Pilot In Command [PIC]

The highest-ranking pilot in an aircraft is responsible for the safety and well-being of the of the aircraft, its passengers, and crew, to ensure that all regulations and procedures are followed


Flight Planning & Operations

The highest standards for the regulations and procedures governing private aviation flights along with flight operations management and troubleshooting


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Master Class: Advanced Pilot Safety

Attention Veteran Pilots With Over 5,000 Flight Hours PIC: Join The Discussion For The Latest Resources That Will Increase Pilot Safety And Situation Preparedness For Every Situation That Will Keep Your Flight Crew And Every Passenger Safe

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Join The Discussion: MASTER CLASS

Join The Discussion To INCREASE PILOT SAFETY & ADVANCE YOUR CAREER In General Aviation.  Join Your Peers And Industry Experts For The Latest Industry Resources And The Proven Strategies For A Rewarding Career In Private Aviation That Keeps Everyone On Board SAFE!

Advanced Pilot Safety & Situation Preparedness


Join The Discussion For The Master Class Designed For Experienced Pilots With Over 5,000 PIC Flight Hours For The Latest Proven Insights And Resources In Advanced Pilot Safety And Situation Preparedness Within A Global Community Of Professional Pilots For The Proven Strategies That Will Keep The Flight Crew And Every Passenger On Board Safe For A Memorable Experience. 

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Low-Time Pilot Resources & Career Opportunities


Join The Discussion For A Master Class Designed To Explore The Different Career Options For Low-Time Pilots With Access To The Latest Resources And Industry Insights To Open New Career Opportunities That Will Build Flight Hours And A Competitive Resume For A Rewarding Career In General Aviation.

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FOQA - Flight Operations Quality Assurance


Join The Ongoing Discussion For The Master Class Designed For Professional Pilots Who Want Access To The Advanced And Proactive Approach To Safety Management That Identifies Trends And Patterns In Flight Operations That Can Be Addressed To Reduce The Risk Of Accidents And Incidents In General Aviation.

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The Pilot - In - Command [PIC] MASTER CLASS


Join The Discussion For The Master Class Designed Specifically For Professional Pilots To Achieve Mastery For The Highest Authority On The Aircraft, The Pilot In Command [PIC] Who Is Ultimately Responsible For The Safety Of The Passengers, The Flight Crew, Important Cargo,  And The Aircraft Itself From Point A To Point B.  

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A Network For Professional Pilots

In General Aviation

CONNECT, SHARE & EXPAND Your Professional Network As A Professional Pilot With The Latest Resources And Tools That Increases Pilot Safety And Situation Awareness. 

Aviation Flight Safety

A combination of training, flight hours, and the certifications to safely transport passengers from Point A to Point B with the highest standards of situation preparedness


The Passenger Experience

The ability to provide a memorable experience that every passenger will want to enjoy again for exceptional professionalism and safety


Quality Flight Operations

The expertise to determine the right path for the passenger that will get them to their destination safely and on time while minimizing fuel consumption


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The Private Pilot Network

Learn More About A GLOBAL Professional Community That Is Designed For Private Pilots To Connect With Their Peers To Share Ideas And Find Real Solutions For The Highest Standards To Improve Their Quality Of Life, The Safety Of The Passenger And The Overall Quality Of The Business Aviation Industry.

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Improve Your Quality Of Life & Career Advancement

Get Access To Industry Experts And Leaders

Professional Pilot Quality Of Life [QOL]

The ability to achieve the proper balance of work and a quality of life for a rewarding career in private aviation


NEW Career Opportunities & Advancement

New career opportunities that build flight hours, new flight missions, and crew management expertise.


Recurrent Training & Certifications

Professional pilots continue with the growth and mastery of skills and situation preparedness that ensures passenger safety


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