MASTER CLASS: Advanced Pilot Safety And Situation Preparedness In General Aviation

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What's Included In The Advanced Pilot Safety MASTER CLASS? ...


ADVANCED Pilot Safety

Pilot Safety involves a variety of factors and procedures that are required to keep you, the flight crew, and every passenger safe. This Master Class takes an ongoing look at the latest incidents and emerging topics in pilot safety that occur in general aviation.  Here is a sample of the focal topics discussed:

  • Human Factors That Affect Decision-Making In Pilot Safety
  • Situation Preparedness And Risk Management In Flight Operations
  • Optimal Crew Management And Communications For An Always Ready Response And Resolution Of Inflight Emergencies

As A Result, you and your flight crew will be prepared to work as a team to identify, mitigate, and collectively resolve any inflight emergency that may arise.



Situation Preparedness

Situation Preparedness is the ability to anticipate and respond to potential risks and hazards in a timely and effective manner. Here is a sample of the focal topics discussed:

  • Always Be Prepared For Emergencies While Inflight
  • Ongoing Discussion About The Ongoing Response To Severe Weather Conditions That Occur While Inflight
  • Active Discussions About The Latest Emergencies That Occur Today In General Aviation
  • AND MORE ....

As A Result, you will increase your knowledge and recognition of potential incidents in flight operations while being prepared to resolve any inflight emergency.



Pilot Fatigue

Pilot Fatigue can cause serious safety issues, as it can lead to errors in judgment and decision-making. Here is a sample of the focal topics discussed:

  • Mental Effects Of Pilot Fatigue
  • The Causes Of Pilot Fatigue To Avoid
  • Best Practices For Fatigue Prevention & Management
  • AND MORE......

As A Result, you’ll maintain better alertness and help others on your team to prevent fatigue.



Crew Management & Communication

When Inflight Emergencies occur, it is imperative that the pilot and flight crew work together as a cohesive team to keep themselves and everyone onboard safe from takeoff to landing. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Best Practices In Building And Leading And Managing A Flight Crew
  • Strategies In Crew Communication For Collective Resolution Of Inflight Emergencies
  • Failures - What To Do When Things Do Not Go As Planned?
  • AND MORE ...

As A Result, you will lead and guide a flight crew that is ready and equipped to handle any incident or inflight emergency.


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